A Journey into Oil & Cold Wax: Chain Reaction


"O, The Joy"                  (Part 1).         Saturday, February 16
"Tricks of The Trade"    (Part 2)          Saturday, March 9
“Discover Yourself"      (Part 3)          Saturday, April 13

Join instructor Kathryn Givre in her 3 part workshop! 
A chain reaction is a series of events in which each event influences the next. That is what will happen during these three classes. "O, The Joy" is a beginner class where you will learn the basic concepts of the Cold & Wax process. "Tricks of the Trade" will focus on the use of tools and materials that enhance the Cold & Wax experience and "Discover Yourself" will focus on you. Your style development, your independence and discovering yourself as an artist.
Come express yourself! 

$85 for CGAA Members *material fee $10
$100 for Non CGAA Members *material fee $10

(from pull down list please include material fee)


Registration Deadline for each class is 4 days prior to class.
For registration and details call Kapril @ 612.868.2230